Websites with gusto

Transform your online image before the week is over. CTMH creates modern website experiences that give your brand trust and authority.

Don’t buy any old template and struggle for weeks to get it right. Choose the CTMH template that fits your needs, and we’ll set it up for you. No monthly commitment. But we’d miss you.


NEW! CTMH now offers Do-It-Yourself Squarespace Templates. One flat rate. We install it, and you make it your own. Our Squarespace templates are modern and fun! Want to use Squarespace but don’t want to build it yourself? No problem! Choose a template and add the design upgrade, and we’ll include the initial site optimization too!


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Choose a modern brand template, and we’ll do the rest for you! We customize our demo sites with your logo, colors and content. Don’t have a logo yet? No problem! Our websites include a free editable text logo for businesses that don’t have one yet or that need a rebranded version. Or you can commission a custom logo from our CTMH Design Team. CTMH Brand Sites are perfect for startups, small businesses, and non-profits.


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CTMH creates one-of-a-kind website experiences that elevate your brand. Custom CTMH Sites are perfect for established businesses approaching a mid-life crisis and funded startups that need it done right the first time. Embrace your personality and add functionality that streamlines your processes and enamors your customers. Do you have something to sell but want your store to do more? Could your processes be streamlined to make your company run even more efficiently? Add ecommerce to your customer site. Our team of programmers will help you achieve your goals.


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Select one of our modern websites, and we’ll integrate an ecommerce platform with shopping cart and products. Start making money online. CTMH Ecommerce Sites are perfect for retail startups, businesses without a brick and mortar, and companies looking to create passive income. Don’t want to accept money online? That’s OK. Many businesses use Ecommerce sites to automate their orders for pickup or COD.


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Optimization Included

Get noticed by search engines now

Who wants to spend money on an awesome new website only to find out they have to spend more money if they want Google to see it?! We sure don’t! That’s why all CTMH websites are search engine optimized during the setup process. We will not let another task delay your website launch. Let us take care of the technical stuff for you. This one’s on us.


  • Page Titles + Descriptions
  • Header + Image Tags
  • Internal + Outbound Links
  • Optimized Content

Search Engine

  • Google Analytics
  • Google + Bing Verification
  • Sitemaps
  • SSL Installation


Search Optimization Service

Our monthly SEO service focuses on three strategies to drive relevant traffic to your website:

I bet you want to know…

Are your websites really affordable?

For sure. We have looked at the industry, the technology, and the pitfalls. We have all worked for various web providers, and we have seen and heard as many abandoned websites stories as we have success stories. We are changing that. Our websites are priced very competively with setup included. We’re crazy — about your business! Visit the Website Pricing page to compare features.

Seriously, how long will it take to launch my site?

Our DIY Squarespace websites are installed in one business day or less, and then you’re off and running! Our Brand websites take about 2-3 days to customize for your review, then another 2-3 days for revisions and launch. CTMH Custom Sites will vary depending on the project depth, but are typically launched within 2-3 weeks. Websites are added to the production queue upon receipt of payment.

Is support offered after my purchase?

We offer DIY and Hosted versions of our websites. If you choose to do it yourself, we give you full access and control over your website once it is launched. We bid you farewell and wish you luck, but we’re always here if you have a question. If that idea scares you, choose the Hosted version. We take care of the maintenance, security and monthly content changes for you. Visit the Pricing page for full details.

Can I keep the logo in my demo?

Our demo logos are not included with your website, but they are available for purchase. (Once sold, we remove it from the demo and do not permit further resale.) CTMH websites do however include an editable text logo if you don’t have one or have one that no longer fits your brand. Our designers are great with logos and are happy to help if you’re ready to create a custom logo. Check out the Design page for more info.