Squarespace Template


Slate is a bold, thrilling, and modern Squarespace Template that is simple to use and created to let your service offering be front and center.

Unique layout with artistic elements

Particularly for brands with many images, this template makes it easy to get creative with showcasing a portfolio.

Straightforward navigation

Customers will have no trouble finding your portfolio and then finding where to book.


  • A brand that has bold, thrilling branding./

  • A photographer/

  • A wedding planner/

  • An events company/

  • An artist/

  • A content creator/

  • An independent contractor/

  • Anyone looking to showcase a portfolio/

  • Home

  • Services

  • Portfolio

  • Schedule

  • Blog

  • Contact

Design Specs

6 Page Layouts:
Home – Services – Portfolio – Schedule – Blog – Contact

What You Need to Launch

  • Domain
  • DIY Mindset

Modern web design services for women entrepreneurs and designer website templates for WordPress and Squarespace.

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