Squarespace Template


Fractal is an enchanting, light, and alluring Squarespace Template that is simple to use and inspiring.

Elegant Design

Makes it easy to showcase your product or service offering while still allowing your branding plenty of room to shine

Simple to Navigate

Various Options

Perfect for a product or service-based business with multiple versions of each service/product offering. The template makes it easy to show various options.


  • A brand that has romantic, feminine branding./

  • A spa/

  • A skincare brand/

  • A wellness center/

  • A local artisan/

  • A flower shop/

  • An Etsy shop turned e-commerce brand/

  • Home

  • Services

  • About

  • Shop

  • Schedule

  • Contact

  • Blog

Design Specs

7 Page Layouts
Home – Services – About – Shop – Schedule – Contact – Blog

What You Need to Launch

  • Domain
  • DIY Mindset

Modern web design services for women entrepreneurs and designer website templates for WordPress and Squarespace.

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