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CBD is a fun, expressive, easy to navigate and clean WordPress Template that is simple to use and is perfect for showcasing your product/service categories. It is the ideal template for brands who have multiple product categories/service offerings.


We recommend high-quality product photos, stock photography and professional headshots if applicable! Shine on you crazy diamond!

Simple to Navigate

We 100x believe in the KISS method — Keep It Simple, Savvy-Entrepreneur! The Edibles template is built for an easy and direct customer journey!

Designed to Sell

We pre-installed WooCommerce for brands who are ready to sell online! Just add a payment method and launch!


  • Non-profits/

  • Educational Organizations/

  • Political Campaigns/

  • Professional Bloggers/

  • Fundraisers/

  • Home

  • Shop

  • About

  • FAQs

  • Wholesale

  • Blog

  • Contact

Design Specs

7 page layouts
Home – Shop – About – FAQs – Wholesale – Blog – Contact

What You Need to Launch

  • Domain
  • Hosting Plan
  • DIY Mindset

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