with character!

Are you starting a new adventure but find yourself lost or overwhelmed? You’re not just creating a stellar product or building a courageous business, but you’re also trying to tell your brand story with conviction and turn friends into followers and look damn good while doing it.

We’ve started more than a few businesses in the last decade. We know all to well the fear of wasting time and money, and we understand the urge to go it alone instead. We’ve been there and admittedly done that. We know it’s doable, but we’ve created a better way.

CTMH is a team of storytellers specializing in what we call marketing with character. Honest, simple, clever. Real goals, really effective.
What’s your story?

Email Marketing

Effectively advance your plot

We honestly still believe in email. It is the most direct way to communicate with your potential, current, and past clients, and it’s one of the most cost-effective approaches. Email has a median ROI of 122% – more than 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search, according to eMarketer. CTHM uses email funnels with attractive and clean design to nurture your leads and advance your plot.

Content Marketing

Content that demands a sequel

The CTMH team has a storied history in creative writing and journalism, and we love creating content that leaves your audience begging for more. Our process includes writing techniques like character development, invoking senses, and evoking emotion to tell stories worth reading to the end.

Social Marketing

Make a long story short

Effective social media marketing takes time and dedication. Inconsistent posting and mediocre content do not tell the full story of your business. To truly captivate your audience, your social presence has to be consistent, and your posts should have an inciting incident that hooks the reader and pushes he or she to take action.

Search Engine Marketing

Don’t settle for fictional results

Search engine marketing can have a happy ending when it’s done correctly and with purpose. Facebook Ads and Google AdWords have made their user interfaces so intuitive, just about anyone can start advertising in a few short minutes. It’s easy to spend a bunch of money in a matter of days and see little or no results. We offer transparent digital marketing strategies and happily-ever-after solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Your story is important

We love using marketing techniques to tell your story. Let’s talk about where you come from and what makes you better than the competition.