Want a one-of-a-kind website?

Individuality Takes Time

But it shouldn’t take more than a month. We create custom websites for clients who want to think outside the box and build something big!

Custom Website

is perfect for you if…

You want a unique, one-of-a-kind website built with unique pages

You have a sitemap and want a site unique to your business needs and customers. If your site requires custom pages beyond the standard menu pages most sites use, the Custom site build is for you.

Your business is established

You’re not a new kid on the block. Your business is ready for a rebrand and you want it done right — to ensure you retain your clientele and your brand image.

You have the need for data transfers or complex integrations

You have data you’d like migrated to your new site and plugins that need integration. Our experienced team is capable of integrating your data for you.

You have the budget to customize your site the way you want it

You’re not looking to overpay, but you’re not pinching pennies with your site build. You want it built right and are ready to make the commitment to build it to your specifications. We have a long list of add-on services and features to choose from that your business will find useful and necessary.

Custom Website

What’s Included?

/ Strategy Call /

Each client receives an in-depth strategy call that dials into the core of their business, story, primary challenges, goals, values, and more, so we knock it out of the park.

/ 10 Custom Pages /

You’ve got targeted topics, and we’ve got you covered with ten custom pages. Add-ons are available.

/ Stock Curation /

We carefully source photography and videography to reflect your story and connect with your target audience.

/ Advanced Plugins /

We skillfully set up advanced plugins and integrations to give your customers the ultimate experience.

/ Basic Optimization /

Let us worry about the metadata. We know how to get your site on search engines with backend setup and targeted keywords.

/ Shopping Cart /

If your business relies on eCommerce, you’ll need a shopping cart complete with customer account functionality.

/ Custom Import /

If you have existing blog posts and products, you’ll want them on your new site. We’ll import 10 of each, with the option to add more a la carte.

/ Website Training /

We train you on the functionality of your website when the build is complete so you feel empowered to make changes on your own as your business flourishes.

/ Email Support /

New to managing the backend of your website and looking for assistance? We’re happy to help! Send us an email at [email protected].

/ 6-Month Free Squarespace Trial /

If you choose to use Squarespace, your custom site comes with a 6 month trial.
Starting at $6,700

I’m Ready For a Custom Site